The most beautiful girls from Brazil !
Image Bank of Brazil - Banco de Imagen de Brasil


Ciremy has participated in several assignments
at Praia do Forte Eco-Resort in Bahia,
one of the most outstanding places of Brazil...
a real tropical paradise !



Angela has grown up in Sao Paulo.
In 1996 she has been working with us at Rio de Janeiro
on two assignments for turistic promotion.



Patricia and Naidje

Patricia and Naidje, both the most charming girls from Bahia,
have participated in several audiovisual productions for Praia do Forte Eco-Resort.


Anamaria is from Brasilia and has participated in Rio de Janeiro
during an audiovisual assignment for Brazilian's Airline VARIG.


Juliana is from Rio de Janeiro and works as a model mainly in Sao Paulo.
She has been working with us in Rio de Janeiro
for several brazilian and european magazines as
Status Bazil, Number One, etc.

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All pictures are watermark treated.
Photographs taken with cameras and lenses from Nikon, Spain.