Festive Concerts by Candlelight
at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Valladolid in Spain,
since 2006 under the artistic direction of Michael Reckling.

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The most requested works
with first class performances from our Cathedral concerts.

The best performers with 12 wonderful works
for trumpet, castilian flute, bagpipe and dulzaina,
all accompanied by the Allen organ of the Cathedral,
played by concert organist Pilar Cabrera.


Recommended audio samples from this CD...

          The most beautiful interpretation of                       
"Silent Night"
with the castilian flute, accompanied by the Cathedral organ.
Work Nº3

A very impressive version of the Händel´s "Gloria",
performed by the prominent Spanish trumpeter Jesús Nuñez,
accompanied by Pilar Cabrera on the Cathedral organ.
Work Nº4

"Procession March" a very special piece for bagpipes and organ,
performed every year at Easter all over Spain.
Work Nº9

"Song for a Secret Garden", performed by Michael Reckling
and composed by the Norwegian musician Rolf Løvland
and extremely appreciated by the public of our concerts.
Work Nº11

    Important note:    
The Allen Organ of the Cathedral of Valladolid,
an instrument with 19.000 digitized pipes,
the only large four manual digital organ in Spain.
The console also contains other instruments.
Michael Reckling has chosen in this piece an orchestral harp,
along with a grand piano, accompanying both instruments with the organ pipes.
Work Nº11

The CD programm closes with the Spanish Christmas Carol "Tarantan" for dulzaina,
accompanied by Pilar Cabrera on the Allen organ of the Cathedral.
Work Nº12

The participating artists:

Elías Martínez

Pilar Cabrera

Jesús Núñez

Michael Reckling


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"Silent Night"
on CD work Nº 3

Folkloric piece from Salamanca for Flute and Drum
on CD work Nº 10

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The well-known Madrid artist, Ángel Roncero,
has created this special Inlay for our records.
(with airbrush and colored pencil)



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