Michael Reckling
plays his own arrangements on the great cathedral organ in Valladolid.

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Michael Reckling
Allen organ

The great cathedral organ of Valladolid is a digital Allen Organ with 19,000 pipes.
The characteristic of this instrument is unique in Spain.
The console includes a variety of additional instruments
like harpsichord, piano, harp or panpipe,
which Michael Reckling chose for his arrangements,
always accompanied by the organ pipes.
Incredibly beautiful and very impressive!

Sound samples
Unique music in the wonderful acoustics of Valladolid Cathedral
with a reverberation of 8 seconds !

audio  (1  

"The Lords Bach and Vivaldi"
in CD piece Nº 7

Two organ concert,
Michael Reckling at the age of 27 on the largest organ in Spain
Played at the Montjuich National Palace in Barcelona in 1971.
44 years later this video was made at a cathedral concert.

The famous Madrid artist, Ángel Roncero,
has created a unique inlay for our CD's.
(with airbrush and pens)

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The CD costs € 26, including shipping costs in Europe.

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